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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Red Balloon (UK) is for kids who are bullied.

The aim of Red Balloons is the recovery of bullied children.
We provide an 'intensive care' full-time education for children aged between 9 and 18 who are unable to go to school because they have been severely bullied. At least half of the students we take have attempted or seriously considered suicide.
We promise the students whom we accept a safe environment with clear boundaries for behaviour, and an individual full-time academic, pastoral and therapeutic programme.
Once the students have regained their confidence and are able to cope academically and socially, we support them in their return to mainstream school, their entry to further education or to employment.

Their website has details of the Centres they run and those they are planning, together with more details and opportunities to donate towards their work.

If you can watch the programme about Bullying linked in our sidebar (it's on BBC iPlayer and so may not be available in some countries) - but that is about the work of the Red Ballon Centre in London and features several 12 to 14 year old who have been victims of bullying and who are trying to overcome their traumas.
More information from Red Balloon Learner Centres



Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish they would have had a Red Balloon Center when I was being bullied back in school. It broke my heart watching the video and hearing the kids describe their bullying and it brought me right back to my horrible days. It is good to see that some kids will be able to get the help they need to get over the bullying and restore their self confidence.

Malcolm said...

I can only agree. With my history I too may be a little hyper-sensitive but to see a child suffering the obvious effects of bullying makes me weep. No child should ever contemplate suicide and that it still happens is a terrible inditement of the education system. I know only to well the sense of utter despair that makes death an attractive prospect. To this day I don't know what made me decide to keep going; possibly my famous bloody mindedness.

Anonymous said...

It's precisely because of things you both talk about that we started this blog.

The horrible truth is that bullying in and out of school seems to be just as bad as it ever was.

I guess there are lots of reasons but some of them are to do with the 'macho' culture which some men subscribe to because the whole idea of being sensitive or responsive to others in a kind way affronts their sense of manhood.

In my book these guys and that whole side of the 'entertainment' industry need re-programming.

You can have a rough and tumble, a game of soccer, or rugby or netball without being aggressive and unpleasant to your opponents. PE and games don't have to be unpleasant or frightening activities.