We were victims of childhood abuse in our differing ways and here we'll share something of what happened to us.

Your comments and contributions are very welcome - and if you're a Survivor of childhood abuse then please, share your story with us.

And if you can, then please help us to all help each other by adding to our Links List of resources for Survivors of Abuse.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Stories of childhood abuse

Both our Story Pages have now been posted for you to read.

Just click on the tabs under the picture.

A third 'Story page' is coming soon.

We'd like to debate some of the issues raised in these personal accounts and are planning to do this on the general blog so that you can join in by using Comments and Emails.

If you email us we both receive a copy and one of us will always reply to you.

If you are a survivor of abuse and would like to share your own story, whatever form your ordeal took, you can do so (under a pen name if you wish).  Simply email us and either include your account in the text or attach it as a Word or Pages document or you could arrange to give us access and publish it privately as a Google document.

If you'd like to discuss things with us privately prior to submitting your own story of abuse then you're very welcome to do so.

This is a place where you can feel safe to publish your own story - perhaps for the very first time - and be sure that you'll receive a sympathetic response because we've been through it too.


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